In 1995, Xu Yuzhong and Su Qun, the founders of Lianyungang Yunzhibao Food Co., Ltd., set up their own candy company in Wuxi with the belief in sending sweetness to the world, and started their lifetime candy business. Years of hard work which have laid a solid foundation for the development of Yunzhibao.

      Today, Yunzhibao has become a well-known candy manufacturer and exporter. Currently company has developed following products:

1.Hard candies, such as candy canes, lollipops, swirly pops, twisty pops, craft candies, fruit candies, etc.

2.Gummies, such as fast food series, body parts series, daily series, etc.  

3.Gums, such as xylitol chewing gum, bubble gum, gumballs, etc.  

      More than 200 products with different packaging specifications can meet the needs of people of different regions, different ages, and different races. The products are exported to North America, Central and South America, Europe, Oceania, and Asia.

       Yunzhibao is favored by people all over the world, not only because of the pure taste of candies, but also because each candies has undergone strict production, processing and testing procedures. We are not only an enterprise that has passed the national export health registration, but also fully meets the GMP inspection standards: including BRC, ISO 2200 and FDA and other international certification qualifications. We always insist on strict control on the selection of raw materials, the content of additives, production machinery and the factory environment. In the past, present and future, we have consistently produced confectionery products that make people feel at ease.  

      Year 2020 was an extremely sad year for everyone in Yunzhibao. Mr. Xu Yuzhong, chairman of Yunzhibao’s soul, suddenly passed away due to illness. This unfortunate event made Everyone in the company is extremely sad, but Yunzhibao people did not fall  down of this. Under the fierce competition in the domestic and foreign markets, Ms. Su Qun, the co-founder of Yunzhibao, is leading the management team and staffs to continue work hard to make sure every products are meeting customers’ satisfaction and continue to build the solid sweet candy business.

      Ms. Su Qun relied on her years of hard-working market practice and the spirit of pursuing less empty talk, more practical work, and wholeheartedly satisfying customer needs. After Mr. Xu left, she fully assumed the company's sales, production and operation.  Yunzhibao maintains a normal and good operating order. Ms. Su Qun uses actions to explain the belief that Yunzhibao people have always adhered to: focusing on people's needs, determined to innovate, and bring healthy and happy production concepts and superb candy products to the world, sends sweetness and happiness to everyone who loves Yunzhibao candy and desires happiness.

       Create happiness, share you and me!

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